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What to Expect

We are in a wonderful, family friendly plaza in Parker. There is an accessible parking spot in front of our space, with a ramp up to our sidewalk. When you check in, you have the option of keeping your shoes on or removing them. If you choose to remove them, please know that our floors tend to be a bit slick.

We can guarantee that there will never be more than 25 people in the building at a single time, including staff. We ask that you view our Live Occupancy before arriving to ensure your party will be admitted into the space. We hate to turn people away, but want to stay true to our policy of keeping the space safe and sensory friendly.

Understanding that certain individuals may have sensitivities to light and sound, we offer complimentary sunglasses and headphones to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all. These tools allow individuals to customize their sensory environment, enabling them to fully engage in the activities and immerse themselves in the wonders of The Sensory Spot.

We have meticulously calibrated the temperature to offer a cozy and inviting atmosphere, where you can comfortably explore and discover the magic of sensory play. The temperature will be slightly different each day depending on outside temperature to ensure comfort. We are always willing to adjust to our guests needs. 

You will then be greeted with our plethora of sensory friendly activities including, but not limited to textured walls, sensory bins, activity walls, activity tables, mindfulness activities and comfort seating.

To avoid the spreading of any allergens, we do not allow food in the main play space. We do have a smalltable ou tside of the play area for quick snacks or drinks. If you need somewhere else to sit and eat, we are two doors down from a Honey Baked Ham. If you'd like somewhere to sit outside and eat our closest park is O'Brien Park in Downtown Parker. We are also located near all the wonderful restaurants along Mainstreet. 

There will be reminders throughout our space that all are welcome and embraced. We ask that you take the time to learn about those different from you, so we can build a stronger community together. 

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