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We moved to Colorado in April 2022 with our four large dogs, Atlas, Bea, Pizza, and Thumper. Just a few short months after our move, we welcomed our first child, Carter. We immediately fell in love with exploring the beautiful Colorado scenery with our growing family. Once winter hit and Carter was crawling, we started to explore indoor play spaces. We had a blast visiting the venues in our area, but quickly realized how overwhelming the running, jumping, and yelling could be for little ears, and children with sensory needs (and adults too!). We noticed that many of the Denver museums and venues held low sensory hours, but only on a weekly basis at most. As parents, we hated to envision the challenge of scheduling around these particular days to get kiddos out of the house and into a sensory friendly environment. We also learned that the rarity of these days makes them crowded and still potentially overstimulating. As we researched, we also learned that the marketing around sensory tables and toys often appears complex, expensive, and inaccessible to many families.

We took these observations and decided to create a space where individuals and families could come throughout the week to socialize and explore a sensory friendly environment, while building confidence and connections along the way. We have taken particular care to highlight that simple, affordable resources can truly showcase the creativity of children. 

We hope to support and build a community of families as we grow our space, host events, and learn from everyone who walks through our doors. 

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