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Events and Resources

Each month, we utilize our space to provide experiences, events, and opportunities beyond play. Because these events are held inside of our play space, there is no pressure to participate solely in each event, and instead we encourage full autonomy and exploration as desired.  Below is a list of just some of the events you can keep an eye out for on our calendar. 


Therapy Dog Visits

A few days each month, we have one or more therapy dogs visiting our space. These visits are limited in capacity, but not in opportunity. Each visit provides you the opportunity to interact with our furry friends in a calm, low-pressure environment. Our canine pals roam the space, and are available to be pet, hugged, read, or talked to. 


While we do incorporate children into our classes, we completely understand that sometimes kiddos need to step away and explore, and they are more than welcome to! Aside from our instructor, we have staff in the space to help entertain children so your experience is stress-free. 


Sensory Friendly Concerts

Interactive musical experiences.

Sensory Friendly Crafts

An journey of textures, colors, personal expression and exploration.


Sensory Friendly Movie Nights

Comfortable seating is spread throughout our space, while lighting, temperature, and volume are carefully controlled. 

Resource Workshops

Hosted by local organizations, therapies, and businesses to provide resources and knowledge sharing opportunities for families of all backgrounds. 

Speech Therapy

Stories Meant for Movement

We utilize active movement and games to help develop stories together as a group. All stories are sensory-friendly and will help raise community voices through active play. 

Age Specific Playgroups

Looking for families with littles of the same age? We currently host tummy time groups for infants, and toddler play groups. Keep an eye out for more! 

Happy Baby

Upcoming Events

We are working through the details of a few additional events. Keep an eye out for updates! Events include: 

  • Game Nights

  • Support Groups

Have any other events you'd like to see? Let us know! 

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